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Differentiation ultimately guides organizations strategic management’s process through specifying…

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We, at Differentiation strongly believe that people are the most important sustainable competitive…

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Our expertise and professional hands on consultant form a competitively efficient pool of assessors…

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The philosophy and approach of Differentiation is always client-centered partnership centered partnership…

Why invest in people?


People are the true infrastructure for the coming age. People invent, innovate, communicate, manage, form teams, respond to customers and market, spot trends, and ultimately make the value that permits companies to succeed by offering a wide variety of courses, Differentiation provides employees the opportunity to enhance job skills, knowledge and abilities thereby strengthening the services and operations of the entire organization.

Our Approach And Methodology Comprises

Affiliations, Partnerships and Memberships


Affiliations, Partnerships and Memberships


We are an authorized partner to TTI Success Insights; the world leader in the assessment industry. We provide psychometric assessments for different purposes in 3 languages to assist Individuals unleash their potential, and organizations to effectively manage their most valuable asset – people.

The Institute For Performance and Learning (I4PL)


Established in 1946, I4PL is Canada’s only national, professional association focused on training, learning and performance in the workplace. Through our leadership (membership) we are up to date with the most recent happening in the industry and drive excellence in workplace learning and development, impacting business success.


Celemi is a world leading provider of business simulations, with gamification used to leverage experiential approach to workplace development.